Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday night film selection: Take the lead

Apart from The Lord of the Rings and Sci-Fi movies, I also count dance movies among my guilty pleasures. Usually the stories are predictable and the actors not all that, but the choreographies are spectacular. It's all just some innocent fun.
Take the lead is definitely my favourite dance movie and yes I found Flashdance too trashy and Dirty Dancing too cheesy! But I am fond of Strictly ballroom, a must see and Footloose, a classic.
Take the lead is based on a true story of a dance instructor Pierre Dulaine who developed a method of teaching troubled youth to gain confidence in themselves through dancing.
Antonio Banderas plays Pierre, a man determined to do something after he sees a high school student smash in a parked car. Though initially met with suspicion and ridicule both from teachers and students, he is able, through his gentle manners and determined attitude, to turn them around and gain their confidence.
My all time favourite dance scene ever and a predictable clip to choose. Still Pierre manages to entice the students by showing them the tango. A cheap and very effective trick.


  1. I love dance movies too. Strictly Ballroom is one of my favorites. I just realized, I've never actually watched Footloose. I need to remedy that situation ASAP.

    This movie looks like fun, too, although that scene could never happen in any school I've been in, without the teachers getting fired. :P

  2. Out of curiosity, I watched this clip not knowing what to expect ( I usually pass these things ), but hey, this was good. I would like to see the film! Thank you for introducing it, Ana!

  3. Ms. M: believe it or not, but I've never seen ET. As for the scene I agree, highly improbable in real life.

    Mette: Even Mr. C liked this part and he's usually not that impressed with dance movies or musicals.

  4. Confession: I loved Flashdance and Dirty Dancing!

    Thank you for the movie tip -- I put it in the netflix queue. The tango scene is fantastic.

  5. Susan: I believe that there are certain film that are very much in fashion, or it at the time of their release. Matrix comes to mind instantly, I saw the two movies years after they've been made and it's probably because they weren't in sync with the times that I found them to be a bit blah.