Sunday, September 11, 2011

Country view

I just got home after a weekend spent chez maman in a quaint country village deep in the wine country.

All of the neighbours have their own vineyards and a formidable, some might say excessive yearly vintage.

For me the best part of any wine process is the actual grape picking. I have very fond childhood memories of harvests.

It was a blazing hot day on Saturday with temperatures sometimes exceeding 31 degrees Celsius in the shade.

With the severe drought persisting throughout August, the grape was ripe a good fortnight sooner than expected. We were asked to help with the harvest and gladly accepted.

Aside for the heat it was still very pleasant and cheerful. The work wasn't that difficult and with about half a dozen people participating we were done in just over an hour. Then we retreated into the cool shadow of the veranda and waited for the heat to pass.

Since only about 8% of the grape was ripe  the Saturday harvest was merely a trial run. The majority of the work is yet to come.


  1. Looks idyllic. What a nice experience to be able to take part in.
    Will they give you a bottle of wine when it's eventually ready?

  2. Stunning photos, thank you. Do you know the owners?

  3. bead addict: They always give us wine afterwards. In fact they would have given us some even if we hadn't helped out. Probably a couple of bottles as a friendly gesture.

    Susan: Thanks! These were all taken by Mr. C and I will pass on the compliment. The owners are my mum's neighbours and friends. My mum usually helps out with all the traditional farm work, Mr. C and me usually join in if we happen to be visiting at the time.

  4. That's great that you will get to taste the wine after helping to pick the grapes :-)

  5. Informative and lovely pictures. Oh the grapes..
    Is there a church ( the white building ) in one of the pictures? Cute houses too.

  6. It reminds me of Bulgaria and their vineyards,what beautiful countryside is it far from your home? Ida

  7. bead addict: they gave us grapes as well and not just a few bunches but several kilos. Very kind and generous people.

    Mette: good eye! yes it's a church. This being a Slovene countryside there are at least two or three in sight at any given viewpoint.

    Ida: Haven't been to Bulgaria yet. Slovenia is a wine country through and through. And it's about 90 km from our town to mum's village. Although Slovene roads leave a lot to be desired, we are incredibly lucky to have a highway practically from one doorstep to the next, so we're merely a leisurely 50 minutes apart. If it's an emergency: 30 minutes.