Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eppur si muove

Some 500 years ago Galileo Galilei had the courage and strength of conviction to publicly oppose the strongest and richest political organization of his time: The Roman Catholic Church. He openly contradicted their dogma even at the risk of his own well being. Pressured and put before the Inquisition, he was forced to recant and spend the rest of his life under house arrest.
His sacrifice and that of the many before and after him helped pave the way of science and enlightenment. Nowadays it's common knowledge that the Earth is actually not flat and revolves around the Sun. It's trivial even.


This year Slovenia faces another challenge. Our parliament is attempting to pass a new statute. I say attempting because I fear it will not pass censure.
A statute that would revolutionize family law. To put it simpler: one that would challenge the established position that a marriage is by definition a union of two people of the opposite sex.
It is my sincere wish that 500 years from now gay people marrying and adopting children will become something very common. Even trivial.


  1. Wonderful post Ana, I wish that for the people also. I say life is short, find love where and with whom you can, and it's nobody's business, especially the government!

  2. Mandy: Find love where you can! That's so beautiful.

  3. Ana, this issue has been hot in our country too for long. I feel confused about it all, being truly honest.

  4. Mette: confused is good, it leaves room for doubt and re-examination of what is considered certainty. I'm not saying let's start granting these rights immediately and without caution. I'm deeply dissatisfied with certain authorities promoting their view and belief as the only possible and authorised version of the truth.

  5. We have some thing called a Civil Partnership ceremony for "marriages" of people of the same sex,and they can adopt children.
    Many people are very uneasy about this.Ida

  6. ida: we have something similar, the same sex unions can be registered but this act doesn't give them any extra rights that normally apply to married or common law partners: visitations rights at hospitals, inheriting, medical and social benefits etc.

  7. In love with the picture in this post! - it's perfect in relation to your point about Galileo. I think it also reminds us that we are all the same, no matter our preferences, etc... all equal parts of a the whole.

  8. Melissa: The picture wasn't random. I knew I wanted one taken by Hubble for the reasons you specified. I think it also teaches as humbleness. But yes, you are absolutely right :-)