Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Road trip: Koper, July 2011

As we enter autumn I find myself tragically en arriere with my summer dues. As is so often the case, life gets in the way ;-) August has been chaotic to say the least and October is breathing down my neck.

And there's still so many things I promised to post about: my road trips, sewing projects as well as current things. I'm running out of time and days of the week... But I suppose it's better to have an abundance of concrete things to write about rather than none and then proceed to bore my readers with how I cleaned out the kitty litter or ironed a pile of clothes today.

These photos were taken way back in July when Mr. C and me hopped to Koper for a day. Koper used to be a heavy industrial city on account of being Slovenia's main (and only) international port.

Things have changed dramatically in the last 7 years. Due to some ingenious architectural and landscape changes Koper is a very clean modern even stylish coastal town. And my favourite.

The mix of old and traditional architecture blends so easily with some ultra modern components like these statues next to the public beach

and parks.

this fellow is Icarus, from Greek mythology

portal detail
And then just some very traditional architecture of stone buildings and granite tiled pavement.

But most of all Koper is very clean, the pedestrian zones have wide pavements giving it a very spacious feel. Also the coffee and ice cream are quite good.


  1. Interesting ( as I have never even heard of Kopper ) and beautiful pictures, Ana.
    You are being way too modest about your postings. Each and everyone of them has been different and fresh. Where do you find the time to do all the things you do?
    I too like blogs with multiple subjects, though I understand that for some, the cat litter posts as well as the daily outfit posts might be important too ;)

  2. Mette: You're being exceedingly generous in your praise as usual :-) I don't consider myself a very productive person though I do have periods of increased activity. As for the cat litter it was meant as slightly humorous otherwise I take anyone's housework seriously.
    As for blogging, I approach writing posts from a perspective of how will someone benefit from reading what I write. Because let's be honest no one but my immediate family really cares about my grocery shopping or what I'm making for lunch. But if I include a recipe or some product I discovered during my shopping expedition than that's something blog worthy.

  3. Ana, I fully understood your humor, just added my bit in ;)

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Koper, I am glad to meet this beautiful, clean city on the Adriatic.

  5. the trip is gorgeous! love the story and photos!

    Inside and Outside

  6. Mette: You fox ;-) You got me good!

    Susan: :-D Big smiles on account of your excellent knowledge of geography.

    Lyosha: Thanks! Getting comments from readers on my road trips always adds a fresh perspective. I think it's like seeing tourists in Ljubljana taking photos of everything that really makes me take a closer look at a building I've been walking past my whole life and notice some interesting detail.

  7. Looks fabulous, I'll have to add it to my list of places to go if I come back to Europe!

  8. Nice pics!

  9. Wow thought it was the South of France when I saw the yachts and blue sea and so clean.Ida

  10. Annette: As I said in the e-mail, I'd love to have coffee and chat if you ever come visit.

    t. Thanks! Mr. C took all the photos.

    ida: In general Slovene towns are extremely clean. a fact I'm always reminded of on my travels abroad.

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