Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Checking off my (age) box

Last Saturday I celebrated my 30th birthday. Such a nice round figure was as good excuse as any to get all dressed up and treat a few of my friends to a fancy slow food dining experience.

In one of those great ironies in life, I ended up wearing things that have been in my closet for years, some even a decade. Despite the fact that I've recently been on probably the biggest shopping spree extravaganza of my life.

the cuff was a Christmas gift from Mr. C, I made the earrings myself

Turning 30...what can I say? Not really scary or life altering either. The changes in perception have crept along, slowly over the course of time, almost imperceptible.
I am now more comfortable in my own skin, not only embracing my quirks but proudly putting them on display. Still having a hard time dealing with criticism. I think I'll always have thin skin.

Ljubljana Castle

Which got me thinking on personality traits and how my generation has always been told how unique and extraordinary we are. One of a kind each and every one of us. Which is true. To a point.

Restaurant inside the castle courtyard

And though I may take pleasure in how delightfully eccentric I am with my penchant for wearing pink or my sometimes unusual interests such as collecting tin cans. I do in the end I invariably fall into one of the many categories: daughter, girlfriend, friend, jewellery maker, fashion addict,...making me quite ordinary.


And sometimes to be seen through the eyes of one's friends carries with it a great revelation.

I received two brooches and they are both spot on. I cannot emphasize this enough, because buying jewellery for me is truly difficult because I have a very distinct taste.
It was a humbling experience to see just how well my friends actually know me and to what lengths they went to find the perfect gifts.

silver dragonfly brooch that can also be worn as a pendant

Partially by design and partially by chance, I've become a bonified jewellery collector.
Just another category.

a vintage silver brooch

Thanks again for the unforgettable Saturday :-)


  1. Happy 30th, what a great age! You look smashing and I particularly love the picture of you sitting way at the end of that table.

    You are lucky to receive just the right jewelry, my friends generally don't, maybe I change my taste too much.

    I love the brooches you received and did not know that you design jewelry yourself.

    Have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love that dress with the pink sash, you look fabulous and happy.

    How wonderful to have friends who know you well and bring beautiful gifts to celebrate your special day.

    You don't seem ordinary to me!

  3. Not ordinary at all! And who gets to go eat IN A CASTLE for their birthday??? That is totally cool! Hope it was a very happy one!

  4. MrsLittleJeans: Mr. C and me declared we'd sit in the middle only when we get married and promptly positioned ourselves on one end of the table ;-) As for the jewellery, the usual practice is I select it myself, even the necklace set my parents gave me was one I picked out:

    As for jewellery designing, I initially started this blog to showcase all my DIY projects.

    Susan: Thanks :-) The sash is actually a foulard I threw over one shoulder.

    Shirley: Yes dinning in a castle was an unforgettable experience. Alas we are back to our everyday "slightly less chic" routine.

  5. The beautiful smile and the pink pashmina over the shoulder adds to the whole elegant look.

    What a stunning place to celebrate your special day with friends.

    Maybe you could blog on the history of the castle?Ida

  6. It´s wonderful to see and read that you are so perfectly happy, satisfied and in balance with yourself on your very special day.
    It is true, that your generation is raised and encouraged to believe and trust in yourself.
    I notice this in my own daughters; they don´t bow, they know their rights. Just as it is meant to be.
    Might I even add, that your generation is a privileged one.
    What magnificent surroundings you have in Slovenia.
    The antique ( and you know, that I usually don´t prefer antique ) brooch is great; looking very modern in fact !

  7. Ida: Under the third picture there is a link leading to a short history and info regarding the castle.
    One of my many hobbies is putting together a sort of travel journal of all our road trips in Slovenia. Ljubljana is still waiting to be processed.

    Mette: I agree, we were brought up in relative privilege with abundance of things. But I feel that we are probably one of the last generations that were taught we have rights as well as duties. As I look around today, the children are only taught about their rights, teachers in school have been stripped of any disciplinary measures and the children are left to run wild.
    Oh and the brooch, I've been told is from the 60's.

  8. That dress is fantastic and I love your shoes. You look so pretty & happy in that picture :) I have to say I seriously envy that you live in a place where you can have a restaurant be in an actual castle! Love the dragonfly - looks like you had a wonderful birthday.

  9. Heidi: Thanks. All today's comments really got me thinking how privileged we are with such beautiful architecture preserved and made open to the public.

  10. Gorgeous dress. The shape is stunning on you, and the pink shawl adds so much drama. Happy 30th! Hope it's a fabulous decade!

  11. Vanessa: drama huh? Yep that's me all right! Head to toes ;-P

  12. Happy Birthday and how wonderful to be able to wear clothes you've had for 20yrs and still look so gorgeous! I love the dragonfly too. Again, happy 30th. It's a wonderful decade.

  13. Happy Birthday Ana! Don't worry, having thicker skin regarding criticism comes when you're forty! LOL. It must be developed over time.

    Those brooches are stunning! Did you dine in a castle??? I haven't had a slow dining experience in years. :-(

  14. Lorri: Thanks :-) It certainly started of wonderful...

    Mandy: Yes the restaurant is in the castle. So is a cafe and a souvenir shop as well as a wedding hall. It's also a venue for some summer cultural open air events.

  15. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous time :-)

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  17. bead addict: thanks, it was wonderful and unforgettable!