Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Age appropriate behaviour and what it means to be a grownup

I pay my bills on time. I make sure my cat has the best vet in town.
I recycle. I buy organic and fair trade whenever possible. I'm almost fanatic about having biodegradable cleaning & laundry products. Cruelty free cosmetics too.
I never throw away leftover food. In fact I try to cook appropriate amounts thus minimizing leftovers.

I do all these things and more because I am rational, responsible and economical. I don't necessarily associate this behaviour as being a grownup.

I also like to:
  • wear pink
  • receive helium balloons for gifts
  • play games and watch cartoons

I get ridiculously excited over super girly stuff like pom pom adorned beanies, cute T-shirts and Hello Kitty.

It doesn't make me immature.


  1. Nope, it doesn't. I think the little girl in you wants to have fun while you are being responsible and rational and grown-up. : )

  2. Exactly. Why box yourself in to fit other people's standards? How dreadful!

  3. That sounds fun! I do all of what you do, plus more. What's hard for me is that most of my offline friends think my online life is "toxic" not a legitimate place to spend time. I'm always "in trouble" spending time in this space. Translation: you're dismissed.

  4. MrsLittleJeans: You're absolutely right :-) Life is too short...

    Heidi: I'm having more problems with standing up for myself :-( I'm pass the point of justifying my behaviour just not quite there where people leave it alone.

  5. Susan: I'm very, very tired of people preaching to me with that know it all tone... Maybe it's time for implementing a ruthless de-cluttering, downsizing technique of weeding out this negative influences.

  6. We all need play time and to run out in the wind/rain whirl round,giggle at childish jokes with you love ballons...never lost my naughty face pulling....too many older people become dour lose their sense of humour look/become old SAD.

    Like the way you have displayed your b/w photos.

    Run out and have a fun Thursday. Ida

  7. Sorry to be late on your blog, guess that proves, that I am not adult ;).
    But funny, though I don´t do anything ( except the best vet ) on your list, as I am by nature " serious ", I seem to get along very well with you. I see no huge age gap between us : )!

  8. Hi coffeeaddict! I can so relate to your thoughts. I even picked up the topic on my today's posting. :-*

  9. ida: you remind of my mum :-) she's also a very outdoor person. She continually tells me what a sense of space and freedom she gets from walking in the woods. And she doesn't give a damn what other people think.

    Mette: I use goofiness as a method of dealing with my anxieties. Humor and playing games relax me. The reason we get along is because you never judge. Among other things of course :-)

  10. Paula: Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this :-)

  11. Some of those preachy people will never "leave it alone". You might just have to distance yourself from them.

  12. love this post - it really spoke to me. thanks!!

  13. Ms. M: Very true. Instead of repeating it, please read what I wrote in reply to Susan's comment :-)

    Shel: Thanks for the feedback. The knowledge that someone out there is reading what I have to say is so reassuring. My greatest fear is that I'm just sending stuff into a vast void.

  14. Too funny! You are way more responsible than I. Love the post, Heather

  15. Heather: :-D You're very sweet. Happy weekend!