Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wonderful Tuesday

Tuesdays are my favourites.

It's another quirk of mine, but I associate days with colours and Tuesday is mix of turquoise and cerulean.
I've been getting nothing but wonderful news these past few days and I'm feeling very happy.
So here's a picture of my mum's rose, that smells so divine and for your listening pleasure Maxine Sullivan with the ever so wonderful Blue Skies:


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful rose! Happy Day!!

  2. I agree, that rose is beautiful! Nothing nicer than admiring lovely flowers on a sunny day :-)

  3. That is one gorgeous rose. I love your notion of giving a color to each day. Do you have a favorite?

  4. Shirley: The rose came with the house my mum bought and it has really blossomed under her skilled green thumb. A happy day to you too!

    bead addict: Thanks :-) I always love to visit my mum, her garden has got all this wonderful plants.

    Charlotte: It's an association I get to certain days, mostly as a result of various things that have happened on those days and have impacted my perception. Tuesdays are my favourite and I think I associate them with blue because of a perfume I bought in Provence, that was this strange corn blue colour named mardi, french for Tuesday.

  5. Good morning coffeeaddict,I have been doing a small whirl around to 'Blue skies' love her huskie voice..sadly no blue skies just dull,grey & chilly here in UK!

    What is Wednesday's colour? Ida

  6. Ida: Hi, Ida :-) Such a mood enhancing song, isn't it?
    Wednesday is actually my least favourite day of the week, probably because I could never remember the proper spelling of the English word for it. Which once got me a B on an exam. As a result, Wednesdays are associated with a particularly obtrusive chartreuse shade.

  7. Ha! I've never thought of pairing a day of the week with a color - except maybe Monday with black - but how obvious is that?

  8. Vanessa: yep, Monday is an obvious one, though I prefer to think of it as a more greyish shade. Grey has the possibility to go either way.