Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer sales

The summer sales are in full swing here in Slovenia. While I confess that I've taken a day to peruse my favourite boutiques and the Internet, nothing really tempted me enough to justify pulling out my credit card.
I think sales in general are a carefully manipulated illusion that makes the customer believe they're getting off with an unbelievable bargain. When it's far more likely that the items on sale are pieces from previous collections that the merchant wasn't able to sell whereas the "good stuff" has been removed from the shelves or wasn't marked down.
So there we are, lost in a sea of maybes: the clothes that almost fit, are almost the right colour, the sleeves just a bit too short or too long... trying desperately to find a hidden gem. While I don't discard the possibility of finding genuine treasures, I find it incredibly improbable. It almost always ends up the frustrated customer giving up hope and in a desperate attempt to not leave empty handed grabs the first maybe of the shelf and heads to the cash register.
So here is a list of some of the maybes that have tempted me to no avail:

Sonia Rykiel's oversized top currently priced at €52,80:

While I love the stripes and the print, I know full well oversized T-shirts never look good on me.

Vanessa Bruno's
silk blazer:

At €121,80 this blazer is a bargain, but it's so specific, I haven't got the first idea what to pair it with.

A sarong style skirt from Anthropologie at €59,95:

This one is a cutie, but the colour is all wrong for me. As well as the fact that a skirt designed for casual wear made of frail silk chiffon is a recipe for disaster.

Regina Schrecker's sandals from Yoox reduced to €35:

These tempted me the most, because the style and the colour were exactly what I've been looking for. They're also leather free, a condition that is not negotiable for me. However, I was never comfortable with the heavy diamante embellishments as well as the fact that the upper layer of the straps is made of satin.

And finally rubber ballet flats from Raton currently on sale for €24:

I've been meaning to buy a pair of rubber flats to wear in the summer months on rainy days. It breaks my heart when I wear my canvas loafers or leather sandals in the rain. The problem with these shoes is the fact that they are peep toes. I've never been comfortable with peep toes in general.


  1. awwww get em! peep toes are cute and drive the guys crazy! lol

  2. The sales here started already before Midsummer´s Eve. From then on, every shop has advertised " SALE " ( in English ), so funny. The first fall stuff is taking more room, slyly. Burberry sends new stuff in nearly every day now. I am trying hard not to fall in their trap again. There is lots of clothing, but the quality is not what it used to be.
    You kept your head calm, congratulations.
    As I have told, I try avoid stores and especially the sales racks, at sales time. I have not visited online -shops for months.
    However, sometimes I have found something tempting, with a lowered price tag.
    I´d like to inform people ( excluding those, who live under eternal sunshine ) to avoid sales, spring 2012 is already knocking your door.

  3. Mandy: Hmmm, I guess Mr. C didn't get that memo ;-) As with all major trends, I tend to wait until the mainstream has moved on, before I tentatively explore the possibility of wearing it myself.

    Mette: I have a strong aversion to buying things for the coming season. This is the perfect marketing ploy to get consumers to buy something they don't really need. Since all of my autumn/winter clothing is in storage, I have absolutely no idea what I'll need until I bring it all out and sort through it. I also pay little attention to trends, my main priority has always been staple outfits at the best quality I can afford and unusual pieces I scout out or sew myself that are virtually trend free, because mainstream isn't wearing them.

  4. You are absolutely right: the stuff on sale is "leftovers". Having worked in clothing retail, I've seen that that's the way it always goes. The sale items didn't sell at full price and that says something about the garment. Often times the cut is weird, the colours challenging, the materials unsuccessful. There is always a reason for why something ends up on the sale rack. Of course, there are bargains to be found, but I've learned to be very careful about the sale items I buy.

    The sandals look very cute!

  5. The Waves: It's precisely because of these reasons that I rarely attend annual sales. I believe gold can be struck in outlets or going out of business/remodelling the store type of situations.

  6. Am with the others on sale....we have sales all year round here eeeck...I cannot stand piles of clothes,and crowds of people around pulling items off give them a miss.

    At my age I know what suits me....make a list visit boutiques who know me buy & move on....I do not enjoy shopping at all. Ida

  7. Ida: I used to get all excited over a day of shopping. These days I find most shopping excursions tedious, almost chore like in nature. Though I do occasionally, maybe 6 times a year, really need to peruse the selection ,if only to get the idea of what's missing in my closet or how to personalize my sewing.