Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday night film selection: Blow dry

A delightful little film that doesn't pretend to be more than it is. The plot is pretty simple and no surprises there really, but the execution is brilliant. Leave it to the Brits to turn an ordinary romantic comedy into something more than an hour and a half of one cheesy cliche after another.
Everything from quirky personalities to down right odd black English humour (an absolute staple and should be deemed a top national feature along with tweed and the five o'clock tea) is refreshing.
Alan Rickman and Bill Nighy. Together in the same film. It's worth watching just for the sake of that alone.


  1. This looks good, CA--a film I didn't know until now. Last night we watched, back-to-back, Tavernier's "Let Joy Reign Supreme" and Wenders' "Wings of Desire." The Wenders film was the bonus, but damn if I didn't like it more, once again.

  2. I feel like I've seen it, but maybe it was something I flipped through, watched a bit and fell asleep? In any case, it definitely deserves a second look!

  3. Charlotte: As a rule I love British movies, their quirky sense of humour appeals to me. Will try and find the movies you mentioned, might be quite difficult, the second one sounded particularly interesting.

    Heidi: I remember way back when we didn't have VCRs, computers and the Internet was mere science fiction and a good movie was on while I was feeling very sleepy. Trying to keep my eyes open and periodically dozing off, unthinkable in today's culture of pause and play buttons on the TV remote.

  4. Oh, I love Alan Rickman so I have to watch this one!

  5. Ms. M: He does have charisma and a very magnetic attraction. He always makes such a dashing villain ;-)