Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday night film selection: Swimming pool

In a nutshell: Swimming pool is a film about an English detective story writer who goes to France in search of inspiration for her new book. As she becomes somewhat comfortable in her new environment, her routine is completely uprooted with the arrival of a mysterious, brazen and sexually assertive young woman.
This intricate film is like an abstract painting with the plot so tentatively outlined it leaves the viewer to fill in the blanks. Swimming pool isn't really about solving a mystery, the director was careful enough to leave many little clues that don't really add up logically. So instead, I believe he was trying to encourage the viewers to focus on the relationship between two women and the evolution of the otherwise emotionally restrained Sarah (the writer) as she observes the young French woman with a mix of envy and contempt.
Definitely not for everyone.


  1. I like Charlotte Rampling. She's an odd duck, and a very good actress.

  2. Charlotte. That's a very apt description of Ms. Rampling. She is one of my favourites quite because of it.

  3. I have seen this film, quite interesting!
    I don´t comment on your Friday night film section, simply, because we hardly ever go to movies, we tossed the TV out, and are too tired to watch anything ( except the bed ) on the evenings.

  4. Mette: I remember you did a post some time ago about it, so I never expected you to comment. We don't own a TV either, but I still love watching films, so we have quite a large computer screen :-)

  5. I heard that she used the name Sarah Morten (her sister's name) in the film as she committed suicide age 23 and wished to remember her.

    The last film I saw her in was The Duchess playing Lady Spencer....well she is English! Ida