Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slow days

And I'm back.

Mr. C returns to work tomorrow after a fortnight of staycation. And with all the work surrounding my thesis, I decided to take a break from blogging in order to spend more time with Mr. C.
I'm slowly settling back into my old routine. My thesis is written and I'm meeting with my mentor at the end of next week for what will hopefully be the last of the corrections. After that, all I can do is wait for oral presentation, which to my grave disappointment will probably be somewhere around September.

The fact that I won't be able to graduate sooner than I've hoped had crushed me completely. I've been feeling really terrible these past few days and I've also injured my leg, so I won't be able to go running for a week.
I didn't even do much sewing, just keeping my head down, waiting for the storm to pass. I did manage to sew Ferdi a new cover, something I've had on my to do list for at least 10 months. The fabric was bought at Ikea last week. And the print was just adorable. I had enough remnants to make a small purse I'll be using to store my most basic sewing tools.

I thought I'll show you an easy, foolproof way of attaching bias binding. In my experience the classic method of folding binding in half, basting it on the fabric edge and hope to one deity or another that the thread catches both the top and the bottom layer never works.
Instead, I open the fold of the binding and line it up with the edge of fabric. I pin it and baste it and the sew the stitches right in the groove of the fold.

With the binding firmly secured in one place, I then remove the basting and flip over the binding.

I pin and baste it on the other side and stitch it in place.
This method does take a bit more time, but it's well worth the effort, because the binding is firmly sewed in place and no more gaping where the stitching didn't catch both layers.


  1. Sorry to hear that you have hurt your leg, sorry that you have had to spend the wonderful summer days inside, working on your thesis,
    But I am happy to hear that you are on your way back to normal.
    The purse looks cute!
    I am looking forwards to read your new posts!

  2. So sorry to hear about your leg injury. Exercise is my favorite way to relieve stress, so I feel for you.

    I also attach binding (and do a lot of other sewing things) a "slower" way. But for me it saves time, because the "fast" way never works for me on the first try!

  3. Mette: Thanks :-) My leg will get better, my mood will improve and I'll be more active on blogger. I've grown used to it and missed it more than expected.

    Ms. M: Thank you! For me exercise is a source of confidence and health. As weird as it sounds, I resolve my anger and stress through cleaning the bathroom. And I absolutely agree on the "fast" way, never works and I spend more time with the seam ripper than actual sewing.

  4. Great to have you back you have been missed..sorry to hear about the leg.

    September will be here sooner than you think!

    The new cover is well made & the binding very professional.

    Do hope you & Mr C managed a few days together.Ida

  5. Ida: Had a nice long walk today and the leg is much better. Mr. C and I had a lovely staycation, even managed to get a few roadtrips in, will post about it in the next days. Wishing you a nice week.