Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Having fun in the kitchen

My favourite cocktail is Gin and tonic. In fact I'm notorious for infuriating the waiters at a bar with a complex set of instructions on how I take my gin&tonic. That's why I prefer the ones Mr. C makes, he knows exactly how I like them.

About a month ago we purchased this novelty ice tray called Gin & Titonic, ice cubes have the shape of an ice berg or a ship. Quite cute and whimsical and just the sort of thing to get me ridiculously excited.

And then I had a brilliant idea! Let's put some food colorant into the water and make blue ice cubes.

And there it is: Blue gin&tonic. It doesn't taste any better for it but it is a lot of fun. I imagine coloured ice cubes would be all the rave at a summer picnic party. Or maybe a Christmas dinner party with red and green ice cubes in the shape of pine cones.

Just watch you don't stain your fingers as well. The food colorant washes out of dishes and kitchen utensils effortlessly but it does take a bit more scrubbing to get it off the skin.


  1. I ♥ G&Ts too! I think I'd have to make my ice cubes lime flavored, so they'd need to be green :)

  2. Heidi: I thought about that too. Sometimes I use store bought lime juice instead of lime wedges. How easy it would be to simply freeze the lime juice.

  3. They look like great fun.
    I'm sure there's a pun in there somewhere about being the perfect accompaniment for 'sinking a few gin and tonics with' ;-0
    - Well, somebody had to write it! :-)

  4. Bead addict: And right you are for doing so! Snce it's Friday, i'll inevitably be sinking some G&Ts. Is it cocktail hour yet? ;-P