Thursday, April 7, 2011

The contents of my bag

I prefer smaller bags. I hate large hobos or shoppers or anything the size of an overnight bag ;-) Having a small bag or a clutch, I'm is forced to get creative with the amount of necessities to carry along.

This can be found in my bag on an average day: mobile phone, wallet, extra wallet for change, bus tokens and some business cards (red wallet), a notebook and fountain pen. As for cosmetic necessities, I only pack the basics: gloss or lip balm, pocket handkerchiefs, solid perfume, pocket mirror and some hand disinfectant.
Everything is as tiny as possible, even the little breath mint box.

My wallet is basically a small hard case with slots for credit cards. Since my ID, driver's licence and health insurance cards are all exactly the same size as credit cards this it all fits in perfectly. And i keep the middle slot empty for cash.

I never carry more than 40€ in my wallet, I prefer my credit cards. Carrying large amounts of money makes me nervous and besides it's much easier to pay with a card, no silly business with change involved.
What's your preference? Do you like to pay in cash or do you prefer plastic? What about your wallet, do you prefer larger ones or, like me, go for the tiny ones?


  1. My wallet is a bit on the larger size, but then I like to carry a big bag, I only have 2 credit cards, should manage with one, usually have the amount of cash euros I expect to use going out+ coins ( inside the wallet ) for parking the car.
    You have a lot of small items, I would go nuts=joke, with all the little stuff ; )!!

  2. Dear Mette it's quite the opposite for me; I am nuts about the little travelling size cosmetics ;-)
    You really should see the things I put in my handbag when I'm going on vacation or a longer trip: everything mini from a toothbrush to mini gloss.