Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mr. C's birthday party

Yesterday evening we had a small birthday party for Mr. C, just four people and us. I would love to show you how we set the table but once the guests arrived we all dug into our food eagerly. I had enough leftovers to give you at least an idea of what I served:
  • 2 kinds of steak tartare, regular and salmon with toast and butter
  • fish pie with smoked salmon
  • dandelion salad with grilled seafood and goat cheese
  • Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese cream pies) for dessert served with yogurt/honey ice-cream

And the lovely presents: Mr. C's favourite Scotch, perfume and sweater in a cotton/cashmere blend. That last one was from me. I love the bold colours on the sweater.


  1. Sounds and looks fine, the food and the gifts!
    Goat cheese, delicious!

  2. Great taste in whisky your Mr C Mr Ida will be joining him in a tot or 2!! Ida

  3. Metscan: I love goat's cheese, preferably grilled in a salad.

    Ida: :-) pop over while we still have some left

  4. Wow, that food sounds amazing!

  5. *indie_queen*: most of my food repertoire comes from Jamie Oliver's cookbooks or is at least Jamie inspired: using high quality seasonal ingredients in a tried and trusted combination, can't go wrong