Monday, April 11, 2011

My obsessions with...small vases

I've recently realized that I don't have a lot of large vases in the house. Just a bunch of small ones that I like to buy in a set of three. Hmmm...

I really don't have a reasonable explanation for this behaviour. I only know I love to place my vases in a repetitive pattern: three vases in a straight or triangular line.

The other option is having just one small vase like this blue one from Ikea. But the only reason I bought it is because Ikea has two other vases and together they form a trio.

Next time I go to Ikea I will probably buy both.


  1. Interesting. Why 3 similar vases? And why do you place them the way you do? I would understand if you want a half a dozen of cups, plates, etc. Maybe if you bought 2 of something-in case one gets broken.

  2. Mette: As I said in the post no idea. And it annoys me that I have no explanation. It also annoys me that I've only recently discovered this fact about myself.
    All I can say that I find great aesthetic pleasure in positioning these vases just so. Another weird thing, since I prefer slight asymmetry in decorating.