Friday, April 8, 2011

DIY and leftovers/ 3 Little handbag

It was inevitable that one of my leftover DIY projects will involve patchwork. I usually steer well clear of patchwork because I find it dowdy and forced. That was until I stumbled upon a talented quilter and blogger from Pink Penguin.
This little bag is based on a tutorial she posted on her blog. It's originally supposed to be a lunch bag.

The tutorial is simple and well written, no pattern is required since the pattern pieces are all rectangles of various size.

There were a few things I altered:
First of all I layered an organza fabric on top of linen fabric for the cover and finished the edges with french seams.

I made pockets on both sides of the lining. I used plain satin stitch to reinforce the pockets.

The handles on this bag are a bit shot, if I ever make another bag I will definitely make longer handles.

Draw strings were finished with a couple of tassels made by Mr. C. I added some beads for a bit of bling.
A fun and easy project that is perfect for someone who is considering to venture into the world of quilting.


  1. Handwork is not my " thingy ", unless it has something to do with decoration. I admire your patience and good work !

  2. Thanks Mette! I firmly believe everyone should find joy in their life and do the things that make them happy, no matter how weird or unusual that is.
    I am at my happiest when I can spend an entire afternoon working on a piece of jewellery or making a garment.

  3. Oh your bag is fabulous! Love the stitching on the handles and addition of pockets on lining! Vintage-looking fabric is very pretty too!

  4. Thanks Ayumi! This was a perfect project to use up at least some of the leftovers that I've piled up over the years. As a result the bag is quite a nostalgic piece, since every fabric remnant tells a different story.