Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday night film selection: My best friend's wedding

A golden oldie and one of my all time favourite romantic comedies, though this one runs a bit deeper than your average sugar coated predictable versions we see on screen these days. The entire cast is superb and I feel that whoever was behind the selection process did an outstanding job. Cameron Diaz is just so perfect for the role of perky, preppy Kimmy. She's so obnoxiously cute it's infectious. I also loved Rupert Everett as the gay friend who provides moral support and (at times) comedic insight.
The reason I like this film so much is because it varies from the standard format of a romantic comedy. Other than some fine acting there is also a lot of music and singing and in that aspect this movie resembles very much Love actually.

This is my absolute favourite scene, where Julianne realizes for the first time that she might actually not win Michael back. There is a beautiful imagery and symbolism as the tour boat goes under the bridge into darkness and as it reemerges into the light so does our heroine come to understand that her moment passed her by. The sunlight symbolizing knowledge and clarity.


  1. Hello:
    Yes, we agree that there is rather more to this film than the usual run of the mill romantic comedy and, as a result, is much more satisfying to watch than most.

    We are, we have to confess, fans of Julia Roberts and so any film with her is an attraction.

  2. Jane and Lance: I'm a huge Julia Roberts fan as well. I like almost all her movies except Pretty woman, I find that one tacky and in poor taste.

  3. This is one of my favorite movies. 2 of the highest paid actress are Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz and they are both in this same film. As usual, Julia Roberts' acting was great. Cameron Diaz was charismatic. The story is funny and its something that you can relate to and learn from, like to learn how to let go of someone. This is a romantic comedy and if you are not into this kind of movies then don't watch this. I really think that this movie is great because it is realistic. Try to put yourself in Julianne Potter's shoes and see if you can handle it. I recommend this movie to Julia Roberts fans!! This is probably one of her best films!!