Thursday, June 2, 2011

A simple skirt

Burda style November 2009

This is one of my favourite skirts. I believe this is a universally flattering pattern and a very comfortable one.

I used 1.5 meter of plain, non stretch denim and an ordinary metal zipper. But being me, I thought the skirt looked too plain. So I went through my leftover bin and found some cotton satin and used it as binding and pocket lining.

I highly recommend this pattern to all beginner sewers.


  1. Hi you are into a denim phase I note think the lining really adds the quality touch to the skirt what are you going to wear it with ? Ida

  2. Ida: I love to work with denim for several reasons: it's a cheap fabric, perfect for trying out patterns for the first time, it handles well and denim is a great fabric for casual outfits. Since this one turned so well, I plan to use this pattern and make a proper skirt in wool, fully lined and everything ;-)
    I usually pair it with a knitted sweater or top and some casual pumps or boots in the winter. If you click on my about page you'll see a picture of me wearing this skirt.