Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My life, right now.

This post is reminder to everyone, mostly to myself that life is sometimes messy and all jumbled up. No matter how hard I try to compartmentalize it, it still all mixed up, the good with the bad, the happy with the sad:

On Saturday our washing machine broke down. There was a loud bang and a bit of smoke and that was it. Yesterday the repair man came and told us that it can be repaired but quite frankly it isn't worth it because the electronic component was literally fried. Replacing it is costly and there is no guarantee that the machine will work properly afterwards. Luckily we have another washing machine in storage (long story) so we'll simply replace the old one. What pains me most is that this was a combined washer/drier machine that's absolutely indispensable in a small apartment.

On Sunday Mr. C and I went to visit a cousin of mine I haven't seen in ages. We had a lovely long chat and I was happy to reconnect with him and his family. They also returned a book collection of mine, his daughter was keen to read. It's The Famous Five saga by Enid Blyton. These books remind me of some of the fondest childhood memories. And are precious to me because I honed my reading abilities with these books.

As I was clearing the books from a cardboard box in which they came, Rufus decided he really liked the box and found it the perfect place to pee in! Yes, he peed in the box, luckily all the books were on the shelf by then and quite safe. Unfortunately the box was on the bed at the time and cardboard as we all know isn't water proof...

So I had to get rid of the box, change the bed linen and shower the cat because he managed to pee all over himself as well! So today I'm stuck with a pile of dirty laundry and a sulking cat. His bed privileges have been rescinded as well as the customary back rub before bed time.

This morning I'm back on track: I did my morning run, it's the third time this year and I manage to run farther and faster every time. After I got back I had just the thing for breakfast: fruit salad.

Also, meet my new alarm clock. I've been without one for 4 years now waiting for just the perfect one to come along.

And there you have it. Life is far from perfect, there will always be that something, that isn't going according to plan. Relax.. Breathe... Keep on moving...
I wore my old, worn out running shoes today without realizing it. And I did just fine :-)


  1. Congrats for the running accomplishment! Glad you have a positive outlook on the washer. You might want to watch your cat, he may have a urinary tract infection. Even if they are mad at you for something, it's very unusual for them to get the pee on themselves unless there's something the vet needs to check out.

  2. Shirley: Rufus does indeed have FLUTD, but the reason he peed himself is because well frankly he was aiming at the cardboard box that isn't as absorbent as his litter so he got urine on himself as well. The reason for peeing the box: marking territory, he isn't sterilized because of FLUTD.

  3. We have a saying everything happens in 3's,handy you had a spare washing machine!
    Use to adore all the '5' books by Enid Blyton had all her books so escapism.

    Have you ever seen the made for TV film 'Enid'?
    Helena Bonham Carter played Enid showed a very different side of her!!
    Not sure if it was made into a DVD,you must try and see it on one of your Friday night's!Ida

  4. Ida: in Slovenia we have a saying that crudely translates to: When the devil has young ones, he never has just the one.
    I haven't seen the movie yet, just found out about it today as I was reserching the Enid Blyton web page. With Helena Bonham Carter in the lead, it must be a good movie. Will definitely try and find it.

  5. Great post thank you!

  6. Oh dear. I have those sorts of days all the time. Currently I have a dishwasher and a printer both just sitting there looking pretty as they certainly don't want to work. No help in sight for them either. Then today the chooks dug out of their yard (don't ask!), the cats left a half eaten mouse on the front step, daughter 2 twisted her ankle and daughter 1 thought she'd lost her tooth that she was already upset about as the tooth fairy 'forgot' to come and collect it last night. Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow will be better?

  7. Mandy: Big smile and hugs!

    Annette: First of all: I learned a new word today, thanks to you. I had no idea what chooks were! I hope you find a good, reliable and cheap! repairman for the broken appliances. And I'm sure your daughters will be fine and happy in no time. Perhaps the tooth fairy can leave some extra money as a way of compensation?

  8. hehehe, I love that you accidentally wrote "tit's" in your blog :-)

    I blame it on the planetary alignment, making life a little more interesting at the moment.

  9. Lorri: thanks for reminding me :-) I thought I fixed it, but along with some lost comments, the blogger also published the uncensored version of this post.