Saturday, May 21, 2011

The swimsuit edition

I know we've really hit the height of spring when the road side billboards are covered with swimming suit adds next to cellulite cream adds. This officially marks the beginning of the swimsuit season. And all of a sudden, women everywhere are in a state of absolute frenzy. Everyone is either on a diet, enrolled in a fitness or spa with one goal in mind: to fit into a bikini and look slim, tanned and cellulite free.

And then comes the dreaded shopping for a swimsuit. I too hate shopping for this notorious piece of clothing, for quite different reasons. Nothing ever fits. The bottoms do, but the tops are always too small or excruciatingly uncomfortable. And anything made for large cups is dowdy or just plain ugly. So this year I made my own bikini. I assure you this is the largest triangle bra you've ever seen. But hey, it fits and it's comfortable. I also made a nice wide band for extra comfort and support.
I also bought a cellulite cream.
Do you plan to get in shape for the coming summer season? How about shopping for swimsuit, does it cause you anxiety?


  1. I have not had a swimsuit for ages. Swimming is not my " thing ". I know loosing 2 or so kilos would make me happy, but how to get it off from just the right area?
    It must feel great to wear a swimsuit you have mastered yourself!!

  2. Mette: I love swimming, but not in the pool. In fact, I deeply loathe anything pool related. As for weight, I should loose a lot (a lot!) more than the odd two kilos, but I refuse to rush into some unhealthy diet regime because summer is approaching. And I completely agree: it matters how and where on the body the weight needs to be lost. I believe it's partly genetic, nothing to do about this, except come to terms with it; and partly the question of firming up, this can be achieved with light exercise, which I know you get plenty of. With the summer and warm weather approaching, you'll loose the two kilos without knowing when.

  3. Kick ass! What a great solution to the bathing-suit-shopping dilemma!

  4. Oh lord. Don't get me started. Do they make muumuu's for the pool?

  5. Sally, thanks! I got tired and frustrated at trying on every bathing suit in the mall to find one that fits and doesn't leave nasty red marks on the skin.

    Lori: muumuus huh? I think that's a bit drastic, but hey you just might start a new trend ;-)