Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DIY and leftovers / 4 Meet Her-bird and the family

Herbert is my new pin cushion. I made it over this long weekend. I usually dread sewing itty bitty plushies but this was quite fun. In fact it was so simple I decided to make a little family of birds to use as decoration.

Little beaded decoration for the wings.

Meet the family:

They are made of a remnant Ikea fabric. The pattern pieces were cut out carefully from various parts of the fabric creating an illusion that more than one fabric remnant was used.

Here's the original photo of the uncut fabric. I might have expressed myself badly, so I hope the photo of the fabric explains what I meant.

Of course I made three birds of various sizes to blend in with my vase quirk. I scaled the pattern by hand.


  1. Those are adorable! I love that fabric.

  2. These are so cute. How on earth do you have the patience to make all these items?
    I bet a handmade ( by you ) gift is a very special one.

  3. Mandy: Thank you :-) And a big hearfelt welcome to my corner of the blogosphere!

    Mette: I don't know why, but making these things relaxes me. Kind of like yoga for other people. It must be in my star sign or something ;-)
    As for the gifts, you are right. A lot of care and consideration goes into planning them, whether they be bought or made. Hugs, a

  4. bead addict: Thanks! I'm not usually one to go for little ornaments but there was something so sweet and cooky and adorable about these birdies.