Thursday, May 19, 2011

My obsessions with...animal shaped pins

I hope by now you all know me well enough to render any elaborate explanation unnecessary. Yes, I love animal shaped pins and I wear them on my caps, handbags, sweaters but mostly on outerwear such as coats and jackets.

If you enlarge the top picture you'll see two cats named Rufus and Loti. Rufus you know by now and Loti is my mum's cat. A very shy and anti-social female cat, very pretty but hard to photograph because she vanishes the moment I come to visit.

This cat pin was a gift from a dear friend and is the work of a Slovene designer who makes adorable bags and accessories. If anyone is interested, here's a link to the on-line store: Fensismensi

This one was made by Mr. C. It's a butterfly made in Chinese knotting technique.

Mrs Froggy and Mr Froggy. You've already seen Mr. Froggy, he belongs to Mr. C. We both wear them on our spring jackets so the chances of us walking together wearing them at the same time is pretty high. And we do get our share of side way glances for it, too.

This one is a replica of a Roman fibula, made in sterling silver. The original was found while excavating ancient Roman settlements in Slovenia and is on display in the Museum of Celje.


  1. I thought of you yesterday as i sat having a coffee and got chatting to an elderly lady she had the most eye catching brooch pinned to her wool jacket it was in the shape of a zebra with black & white diamonds as stripes. It was the first present her husband gave her and he had died 30yrs ago.
    I love your Mr Froggy he made me smile.
    Hope you are having a happy Thursday. Ida

  2. Ida: That is one of the sweetest comments ever :-) I would love to see the pin you mentioned, sounds exquisite. My collection of jewellery doesn't boast in such lavish items, ah maybe one day. Until day, I have my quirky pieces that bring me joy.
    A very happy Thursday to you too!

  3. I too like your pins, especially worn by you! Believe me or not, I too have lived the pin phase in my life, and there are yet some great ones, I can´t resist.
    At my certain age, I am picky on the jewelry I wish to have. Many items shown earlier, have been traded for something else. This kind of behavior belongs to women my age; )!!

  4. Mette: As always, I admire your ability to clean your closet quickly and ruthlessly. I also love how you manage to have a small, well rounded collection that has your distinct signature.