Monday, May 23, 2011

Have jumpsuit, will wear it!

This past week I've sewn myself a denim jumpsuit. I've been dying to have one of these highly controversial clothing items for ages. But age and weight issues aside, I am determined to wear it. It's actually surprisingly comfortable and it doesn't look half bad.
I hope you all noticed my sewing assistant in the photo above ;-)

The pattern was downloaded from avantages, a French magazine. They have quite a few free patterns if anyone is interested. However keep in mind the instructions are in French!

The pattern was designed for light fabrics such as chiffon, adapting it to be suitable for heavy non stretch denim took a bit of alterations. So I made darts in front and the back and made a fly opening to the pant pattern piece. I also fiddled with the neckline and arm holes to get a nice fit without gaping.
I added back pockets as well.

Front pocket lining is made of a nice lilac linen leftover.

I used binding on the seam allowance connecting the top and bottom pattern piece, it would be better to use a flat felled seam, but Ferdi can't manage it on such heavy fabric.
In the next few days I'll attach snaps and hem the pants. Check back, because I'll share a little pant hemming technique.


  1. So you are a handy woman as well ;). Can´t wait to see the jump suit completely ready!!!

  2. Heidi: thanks :-)

    Mette: i make no promises, but I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the week.

  3. Lovely photo am use to seeing your beautiful smiling face each day now have the whole you.

    Would you like to set up a dress making business?
    you are so gifted the jumpsuit looks good on you
    ????? what do you mean age you are a mere baby,enjoy and wear what makes you happy. Ida x

  4. Very cute! I'm still staring at my sewing machine in it's box, in the closet. I think it's giving me the evil eye back.

  5. Ida: you are such a sweetheart! Setting up a business would be a real come true, but I'm afraid one that is difficult to attain.
    As for age, I am turning 30 this year, but I still like to horse around like I'm 13 ;-P

    Mandy: Oh no! Befriend your machine, they can be really nice. Me and Ferdi are the best of buds, well most of the time.