Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happiness comes in a box: Lens container

We all know them: the little trinkets that cost next to nothing but they make us incredibly happy. Whether it's because they fulfill a certain purpose in our household or are there simply for their intrinsic beauty.

This little fella holds my contact lenses. If you look closely it appears that he is holding a pair of binoculars that expand into two dishes for storing the lenses. Every morning as I open my medicine cabinet, there he is and I can't help but smile.

For those interested, this design is made by a German company Koziol.


  1. Makes me smile also,excellent design,we all need fun things.
    Happy Tuesday Ida

  2. Very cute! Would have saved many hours of crawling around on the bathroom floor looking for them!

  3. Ida: Thanks and a happy Tuesday to you to! It's a sunny day here, perfect for a walk. I hope you're having nice weather as well.

    Shirley: Thanks so much! I firmly believe that utilitarian items can be both cute and stylish.

    Mandy: I've had my share of lost contacts and it's frustrating. Luckily I now use the monthly kind and they aren't that expensive to replace.