Thursday, February 3, 2011

Renovating: the bedroom

I've already shown you the before photos of our bedroom, so here are the after photos.

This is a view from the entrance hall, notice the large vinyl tree sticker? Because this wall is very long we knew we had to put some decorations on it otherwise it would look empty. I decided against hanging pictures as the passage between the bed and the wall is too narrow and I'm afraid we'd just knock them off the wall or at least scrape the paint job bumping into paintings.
This lavender tree was the perfect solution. It's large enough to cover the entire wall and the motif is interesting enough so we won't get tired of it too quickly.
In the far end of the room is the second sitting bag and if you enlarge the photo you'll see Rufus in his little sleeping basket from the same material.

our bedroom 1

Our bed. Wanna guess which side is mine? Not particularly difficult (hint: Mr. C doesn't really care for pink or teddy bears)!
In order to really really get the maximum out of the space available without overcrowding the room we opted for a bedroom with closet space above the bed as well.
It's a real gem this bedroom of ours. We actually bought this bedroom furniture for one of our previous (rented) apartments and we love it so much because it's really super functional. When we decided to buy an apartment one of the conditions was the it had to fit in (oh the countless arguments we had with real estate agents)! But when you know deep down something is really working out for you you shouldn't compromise.

our bedroom 2

Our library/storage shelves for DVDs and documents. It still not quite finished as we have to go to my parents who are kind enough to have stored our books.

library nook

My favourite space in the bedroom is this nook that's just the right size to house our huge corner closet and a chest of drawers.

chest of drawers and jewellery nook

Above this chest we have a mirror and a display for my bijoux. I have wanted a jewellery board for sooo long, with the amount of jewellery I have it became a necessity (kind of obvious since jewellery making is a hobby of mine)!

jewellery board

We made this board ourselves and it was ridiculously easy and cheap: we went to our local hardware store to have a wooden board cut to a desired dimension and then to our local fabric store for some fabric and foam. Two ours later it was already hanging on the wall. What I really like about it is that the board can be easily taken off the wall and the fabric can be removed as well in case I need to wash it or maybe change it.

Here are a few more pictures of our tree. It's very difficult to get a proper photo with a regular camera lens, it's just to big to fit into the frame:

putting up the tree sticker 1

putting up the tree sticker 2

putting up the tree sticker 3

putting up the tree sticker 4


  1. Hi, I found you in Lori's blog comments about being silly. I liked your answer, so I came to visit. I love the vinyl tree. I've admired them online before, but I don't know if it would work in my condo. You've done a nice job though!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, it really made me smile! I love it when people get my humor, it's hard to be funny on-line, people usually think I'm weird.
    As for the vinyl stickers, you can get them real cheap at DaWanda or Etsy. It's really time consuming getting them on the walls but easy to remove and that's a huge plus.
    Will be checking out your blog too.

  3. This turned out beautifully. I love the tree and the birds!