Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My obsessions with...eyewear

09. 02. 2011 3

I've had to wear prescription glasses since I was 10 years old and it was pure torture. Wearing glasses in elementary school or high school gave me an instant admission to the nerd group. In those days the selection of eyewear was poor and kind of dorky.
So I started wearing contacts very early but I wore my glasses on weekends and at home to give my eyes a little break. I swore to myself that one day when I had enough money I'd get myself a ridiculous amount of cool glasses.
So last November it finally came true, I bought myself 3 new pairs, two prescription and one new pair of sunglasses.

09. 02. 2011 4

From left to right:
Calvin Klein turqoise sunglasses (new), Exte sunglasses (old), Armani, Dior, Oliver (my not old, but ancient glasses).
People might say I'm a snob because I bought all designer glasses. I don't care. Not only do designer glasses fit better, they're made of better materials making them long lasting. And most importantly the lenses are of superior quality which makes all the difference.


  1. Cute glasses :) I need some new ones too, and I definitely want some funky ones. I've always gotten them at the cheap outlet places, but I think this time I'll treat myself to some really nice ones. You should take pictures of yourself wearing the glasses!

  2. Heidi, I'll definitely post some photos of me wearing them. If you look at my first post Introduction you can see me wearing my old glasses.