Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I buy my books from

Here is a little known fact. When you decide to write a bachelor thesis on a relatively obscure subject like The criminal law of the early medieval Anglo - Saxon England you will find two things invaluable: a good knowledge of English, since the majority of texts are obviously written in English and a great on-line book store.
My absolute favourite is The Book Depository. Not only do they have a large selection of book titles, but they offer a free worldwide delivery service. I was over the moon! I bought this book:

09. 02. 2011 1

It was delivered in about 10 days and it came with a complementary bookmark. All in all I saved about 35€ by not buying this one on Amazon, not only due to free delivery but because the same book cost about 10€ more on Amazon.

And then there is Abe Books. This is a site that specialises in selling old, used books as well as rare and out of print books. This is a true Aladdin cave of book treasures. Yes the books are used, but the seller vouches for the books being in the conditions as described on the web page.
I bought these two books from them and with shipping included I paid a little under 12€.

09. 02. 2011 2

It's so weird buying a book that costs only 63p, yes that's how much I paid for each one of the books. The delivery took a little over two weeks which is acceptable and the books were in great condition no torn pages and no scribbles anywhere.

Disclaimer: This post is not endorsed by anyone, it's my honest opinion as a consumer.

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