Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Precious things/1 Ferdi

I thought it fitting to begin this post series with an item that changed my life, my sewing machine. Meet Ferdi:

22. 02. 2011 1

Ferdi (of course I named my machine, what else did you expect) is a basic model Elna sewing machine. It was a gift from Mr. C who took a tremendous leap of faith in buying it, because to that point I had never used a sewing machine in my life. Though Mr. C was a bit wary at first, the purchase really payed off because I now sew most of my wardrobe. He's now the first one to complement me to anyone who'll listen.

This is a photo of me sewing at my desk in our previous apartment.

Ferdi is a very basic machine and has some limitations: too thick or too flimsy materials are a challenge. Buttonholes on sturdier materials are a no go. But all in all this a very versatile machine and it's perfect for a beginner or as a basic household sewing machine for hemming pants, curtains, etc.

22. 02. 2011 3

At this point I have no need for a better machine, because I'm still a beginner/intermediate level seamstress. As my skills advance I will of course purchase a better machine but for now I'm sticking with Ferdi.

The purpose of this post series is to show you some of the things that surround me. This isn't about bragging in the sense of: look how many pretty expensive things I have. All of these items are important to me out of various reasons. What they all have in common is that they have come to define me and my life in some significant way. In the end it's all about the story. And I love a good story.


  1. I love seeing your machine! The one I learned on is this huge old blue Singer that my mom got to take with her to college. She and her roommate would sew in their dorm room.

  2. Very nice. My baby is named Nina and my serger is Serge. I think it's fabulous that Mr. Coffee Addict started it all for you.

  3. Serge the serger, that's adorable!
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one to name thier machine.