Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DIY and leftovers/1 Pencil skirt with a twist

No matter what your choice of hobby is, one thing is inevitable: leftovers. If you do however have a leftover free hobby, do please share, might be just the thing for me.
Leftovers used to drive me crazy, yes I have a slight OCD and a penchant for neatness, I believe it's inherent to all Virgos.
Now I'm coping quite well, I'm at a point where I accept leftovers as a necessary byproduct of every endeavour. But I'm still struggling what to do with them: toss them, keep them, separate from other items...
When it comes to fabric leftovers I only keep the bigger more regularly shaped pieces and I keep them in a special box.

I made this skirt about a month ago using a rather plain dark wash stretch denim that was just begging for some embellishment.

So I dug out a nice piece of pink Chinese brocade and used it on the godet  pattern piece. I also made some bias tape and used it for piping.

The front view:

16. 02. 2011 2

The back view:

16. 02. 2011 3

I also used matching thread and made a flat felled seam on the back:

16. 02. 2011 4

The godet piece was lined with leftover lining from a coat:

16. 02. 2011 5

I'd be interested to hear about your techniquies in dealing with leftovers.


  1. Cute way to fancy up the skirt! I like the finished look!
    I use leftover notions and fabric and ribbon to wrap gifts with!

  2. Would love to see some of your gift wrapping designs. I was saving this for un upcoming post but I guess the cat's out of the bag: gift wrapping is one of my hobbies as well and I'm always on the lookout for fresh ideas!

  3. What a great modification to this Burda pattern.

  4. Dear Susan, thank you for your lovely comment!