Saturday, May 12, 2012

A perfect day for a wedding

12. 05. 2012 1
Bistra Castle

This Wednesday Mr. C's dad and his fiancée tied the knot! A small private affair without the unnecessary hoo-ha which I personally find so tedious.  The ceremony took place at Ljubljana Castle (where I had my birthday party last year) and it was very touching and elegant.

From Ljubljana we headed on to Bistra, yet another castle. This one is turned into a Technical museum.
Slovenia is ripe with castles and beautiful old places perfect for taking wedding pictures.

12. 05. 2012 3
Ducks performing their midday bathing routine

12. 05. 2012 4
Mr. Beaver doing the same

The garden was spectacular. All of the animals went about their day as usual and were completely unfazed by the large number of visitors running and shouting about. Even the two buses full of high school students that must have been there on a field trip didn't bother them.
What can I say? Cool animals!

Mr. C and me perfectly colour coordinated. Not on purpose.
12. 05. 2012 6
River Bistra

From Bistra Castle we went on to Ponvica, a restaurant with a most whisical name that literally means Little pan.

12. 05. 2012 8
Wedding cake

As you know it's my blog policy never to include pictures of anone other than me and Mr. C. A rule I firmly abide by but I thought showing you the bride's wedding ring would be quite okay.

Here we are gathered round the bride admiring the ring. You can even tell which one is me (hint: pointy shoes).


  1. First of all, thank you for these many wonderful summer-y pictures. The scenery is unbelievable beautiful. A perfect day for a perfect marriage.
    The bride has young hands and the ring is just perfect!
    I did not know, that the dress you showed, was for this wedding.
    You look so elegant in it, and how wonderfully narrow feet you have, enabling you to use the pointy new shoes!
    You and Mr.C look so good together.
    Was the day a long one? Were there any special Slovenian wedding rituals followed?

    1. Mette, yes the dress was for this wedding and another one I'll be attending next Saturday.
      The pointy shoes are actually very old and quite out of style. These days everyone is wearing round toes but I believe the shoes are very classic and timeless and wore them anyway. It would be interesting to read if women still wear pointy shoes around the Globe, in Slovenia it's considered very 2004 :-D
      The day was long indeed, but this being a very intimate wedding we skipped all of the traditional rituals that usually come with it. Being nonconformist it suited me perfectly but most importantly it was what the bride and groom wanted and made them happy.

  2. So pleased to see you wearing the stylish dress you made, the neckline
    and sleeves are both make a handsome couple,and look so happy

    Glorious setting for a wedding....wishing the couple many happy years

    Still see the pointy shoes over here,but the most popular seem to be
    the nude,round toe courts.Ida

    1. Thanks Ida :-D The dress is also extremely comfortable and breaths well. Doesn't wrinkle either.
      I'll pass on the kind wishes to the happy couple.
      Popular shoes in Ljubljana at the moment:
      ballet flats, black pumps / court shoes and my least favourites pumps with platforms worn by skinny young girls. It looks all sorts of lopsided in my opinion.

  3. What beautiful photos! You and Mr. C are a very attractive couple. I really appreciate it that you are respectful of the privacy of others. I haven't had time to get in touch to tell you this story (I will send you a link to the wedding photos via email in a few minutes) but we had such a privacy disaster the day after our wedding: one of the guests posted 30 very unflattering pictures of us on facebook without asking! I felt like a paparazzi victim. We asked her to remove them and they are gone now but what a shock.

    I'm amazed those pointy shoes are out of style because I think they're very much in style here in the USA. Anyway I love those shoes and you look very good wearing them.

    1. I would never post any kind of pics without permission, even flattering ones. And I expect people to ask my permission too before posting or tagging me on their FB walls.
      I'm so sorry to read about your friend posting unflattering photos, aside from invading your privacy I think it's a bit immature :-(

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