Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday night film selection: The constant gardener

A political thriller based on the novel of John Le Carré about a mild mannered diplomat who is determined to solve his wife's murder at all cost. The story is set in Kenya. We are exposed to a beautiful landscape as well as the harsh reality of poverty and dreadful living conditions of the Kenyan people.
The story how ever is focused primarily on the relationship between the husband and the wife. Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes are absolutely brilliant. I loved the flow of the story, again a non linear film, with flashbacks intertwined in the narrative at just the right moments. We witness a transition of gentle, polite but non assertive politician into a true political activist, stopping at nothing to expose a conspiracy of international proportions and bring his wife's killers to justice.


  1. The book is even better than the film,or is that because I had just read the book,and then the film popped up on tv??

    You have described the outline of the film/book well. It gave me much thought about the multi drug companies.

    I enjoy John Carre's books especially his cold war ones.

    Happy relaxing weekend coffeeaddict. Ida x

  2. Ida: as a rule books are always better than films. I think I might have seen one movie that was better than the original book, can't remember which one though. I too enjoy Le Carré's books, being of the last generation that still has at least a vague idea of what the iron curtain meant.
    A very happy and relaxing weekend to you too :-)