Saturday, January 25, 2014

Skipping seasons

 We've been having an unusual warm winter and last weekend in between drizzle and rain I managed to go for a walk to Močilnik, the source of river Lljubljanica. The waters were high and almost everything was in bloom.

 On my way home I picked a few snowdrops. They added a bit of colour and life to my kitchen table.

 And then I spent a good portion of the afternoon drying my jacket and cleaning my walking boots.

We've had a bit of snow yesterday and the temperatures have dropped considerably. I guess proper winter weather is finally here and I feel relieved. This warm interlude was beginning to feel unsettling.


  1. Hi Ana,
    The weather indeed has been odd, even in Finland. We just got a small break from very low temperatures ( lasting 2 weeks ), and there is only a 2cm snow.
    No flowers blooming here.
    I can understand the frustration of waiting for the snow to arrive. Because it always comes. And after a certain time we start waiting for it to melt away.
    Stay warm : ),

    1. It's good to hear from you Mette. I hope all is going well in your world. We miss you.

    2. Thank you so much for asking. I´m well, " in one piece " and enjoying my Mumma days : ).
      Hoping all the best to You and Martin : ).

    3. Mette, stay warm as well with your loved ones, two legged and four legged!

      Yes, waiting for snow is unnerving because I hate the idea of having winter drag into spring like it did last year. It was horrible and affected the health and mood of everyone. Also I think there's something unnatural about season skipping like this.

      Happy Sunday xoxo Ana

  2. Hi Ana,
    What pretty snow drops. I love your kitchen table cloth. The high Lljubljanica waters are beautiful -- looks like there will be a storm coming, is there? We've had unusually warm weather here in California too and sadly, no rain, not since November. The governor has declared a drought emergency. The air is very dry (and polluted). The nights are cold though -- too cold. I know because we have to take Annie out to pee every 3 hrs. Stay warm and I hope you get more snow :).

  3. We've had rainy weather all month, making it impossible to go uot for a walk :-( Crazy world we live in! Here we have an abundance of rain, there's even been some areas suffering from landslides and floods while you have drought.

    I hope that Annie is settling in nicely and you're having a wonderful time cuddling and going for walks!
    Enjoy your Sunday :-)

  4. The snowdrops we planted 2yrs ago are putting on a fine show considering our none stop rain.The rivers around here have burst
    over the banks flooding fields/lanes.My wellies have never been worn so much.....still must not grumble parts of UK homes have been
    flooded since before Christmas.....forecast more rain on the way !!
    Thinking of buying wellies for Oska,he hates this weather.

    1. he, he Oska in cherry red wellies :-) You know Burberry does bespoke raincoats for dogs. Needles to say at a very unaffordable price!

  5. Hello Ana! I hope you are fine.
    I just heard the news, how heavy snow and ice threaten the southwest of your country. No electricity in many households ... why did winter had to come all of a sudden?
    In Vienna it is just ice, hardly any snow so far. It is raining at 0°C which equals glazed streets and pavements everywhere.

    Stay at home = stay safe!

    1. Paula, yes the joke is definitely on us :-( I've never seen weather like this, we've just experienced the longest power outage as well: 18 hours.
      I consider myself lucky, our apartment building is well insulated so we stayed warm despite the fact that there was no central heating. I've had access to the phone and the Internet through my smart phone. And thanks to Mr. C's precautions nature I have a car mobile charger and a nice neighbour was kind enough to make me some coffee on her gas stove.