Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Precious things/ 11 The best Christmas present ever

is a bag. Well this bag to be exact:

George Gina & Lucy bag from Yoox
How very materialistic, wouldn't you say. True.
Except it isn't the bag that matters but rather the reason why Mr. C bought it for me. With it or rather before the bag came a job offer.
And because I'll now be commuting to work I'll be needing a bag large enough to hold all my very important lawyer job related stuff ;-P
See, I told you this bag was the best Christmas present. Maybe I'll reciprocate next year and buy Mr. C a diaper bag.

To clarify: the job offer came before Christmas, the bag came just a few days after and I signed the contract today. This post was written sometime in between.


  1. Congratulations...on the job, on signing the contract and on this bag that is going to hold everything for you..Mr C is thoughtful indeed! xo

  2. What a colourful and cheeerful bag. Wishing you success in your new post


  3. How thoughtful of Mr C and a very 'happy' and useful bag. And many congratulations on the job too. x

  4. Supportive men are the best!
    Will you commute to another town?

    It is amazing, how things and events take shape in 2012. After a not so fun 2011 (around here), 2012 started off very promising.

    Best wishes, good luck and god times at your (first?) office-job. Hopefully there is a nice co-worker around at work who supports you during your first weeks.

  5. The bag has your name written on it, it is so You!
    I´m so happy for you about the job, especially when we are having difficult economic times!
    Diaper-bag, is there something going on, that you have not told us about ; )?????

  6. Thanks everone for your sweet, sweet thoughts :-D unfortunately the down side of an actual job is that it leaves me with less time for blogging and I've got a few other things going on at the moment, hence the group reply...just bare with me for another month till one of my side projects is done

    @Paula: yes, I'll be commuting from Vrhnika which is on the perifery of Ljubljana to the center of Ljubljana aprox. 25 to 30 km.

  7. So happy for your news! I know how hard you've worked for this and am so glad things are finally working out for you!

  8. New this day would happy for you.
    Like Mette said Daiper bag!!!

    The colours of the bag are yours. Ida

  9. Thanks Susan and ida :-D

    as for the diaper bag: having a baby is not an option right now or in the near future but with me getting a job it became a real actual possibility instead of a mere dream / wishful thinking.