Friday, February 3, 2012

Bits of wisdom

For society to evolve and prosper it is imperative that art sometimes be immoral and science non applicable.

Dean of Faculty of Law, Ljubljana


  1. The re-invention of society after chaos? Ida

  2. The first part is understood easily, but I had to spend a minute on the second statement, ´till I " got " it ; ).

  3. I suppose if he is trying to say that progress comes out of clash of opinions, then I think he is right. : ) Have a great weekend Ana!

  4. What he was trying to say that liberal arts, art in general and academic pursuits shouldn't and will not bow to the pressure of liberal capitalism that sees all and every endeavour through the lens of profit.
    This was part of the speech he made a few weeks ago during the graduation ceremony. On of my all time favourite professors too, his honesty and integrity set him apart from most of his peers.