Thursday, January 7, 2010

Introducing Rufus

Rufus the Cat.

sleeping on the balcony

sleeping in his basket

sleeping on the bed

sleeping on the sofa chair

As you can see from the photos, his priorities lie in sleeping throughout the day in warious places and the most ridiculous positions!


  1. Oh how cute! I have two cats, one who is 19 and diabetic, half blind, and now in Stage 4 renal failure. But no one has bothered to tell HIM, because he's acting like his ordinary self!

  2. As long as he's still normal and active it's ok. My heart breaks whenever I see a sick animal!!! Especially cats who always suffer in silence.
    Rufus was diagnosed with FLUTD a couple of years ago and after a year of constant struggle and trips to the vet at 1 a.m. he's pretty much back to normal (knock on wood!)
    I wish bothyou and your kitties all the best! and lo

  3. Rufus looks adorable! I have one mostly black cat and one mostly white one so whatever colour I wear I end up attracting the opposite colour fur!

  4. The correct terminology for your predicament from ˝The deeper meaning of Liff˝by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd:
    Sutton and Cheam (ns.)
    Sutton and Cheam are the two kinds of dirt into which all dirt is divided. ˝Sutton˝is the dark sort that always gets on to light-coloured things, and ˝cheam˝the light-coloured sort that always clings on to dark items. Anyone who has ever found Marmite stains on a dress-shirt, or seagull goo on a dinner jacket a) knows all about sutton and cheam, and b) is going to some very curious dinner parties.
    I just couldn't resist posting it! it's one of my favourite book ever.