Monday, July 29, 2013

π party a la mode

Could there be anything more delicious than simple home made desserts? Especially if you have the satisfaction of using ingredients that come from your own garden or have been sustainably sourced.

In my case it's the yummy cherry pie made from free range organic eggs bought from my mum's neighbour, spelt flour from the local mill and cherries from mum's garden.

The cherry tree is called "lapin" which means rabbit in French and produces incredible crunchy full cherries. The tree yields between 20 to 30 kilos though it started modestly enough with it's very first harvest consisting of only three cherries.

Three plates for three people adding a scoop of mixed fruit ice cream. Pure indulgence.
No wonder we licked our plates clean!

Do you have a garden and grow your own fruit and veggies?


  1. I love it that you used the ∏ symbol :). May we come over for some cherry pie?

    Something happened to my comment on your previous post. Not sure why it isn't there.

    1. Susan, you're very welcome to come over :-) I suggest next year in June when the cherries will be ripe! You can even help picking them.

      Blogger sometimes has a glitch, I've had comments disappearing too. It's so annoying!

  2. Oh, my mouth watered when I saw this...I do not have a garden...if I had one, it would have fruit trees for yummy! : )

    1. We have another apple and a plum :-) perfect for making more pies, jams and plum dumplings. It's a good thing elastic waist pants were invented!

  3. Hi Ana,
    we have three very old apple trees. Some years they produce loads of bitter apples, other years none. This is such a year.
    Once again I have to confess my lack of interest in planting, gathering or picking fruit, berries or anything (;
    However, I would have nothing against a piece of your pie, which looks simply delicious!

    1. Mette, I know that the Sacher hotel in Vienna offers their customers the option to ship the cakes to any destination using the UPS services. I just might use the same method and send everyone a slice of pie :-)

      Happy weekend!