Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bits of wisdom

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

I'm so tired of being constantly afraid, I simply ran out of energy to be afraid. And the funniest thing about it is that in every which way I look at it, I'm better off than I was 6 months ago. When I analyze the things I'm afraid of it all comes down to the things I read in the newspapers, about people being laid off, how terrible it is in Greece and all over Europe...
But in reality? I have a job, so does Mr. C. We're both busy with our other projects: DIY, volunteer work, spending time with family and friends.
So really, what am I so afraid of? Enough already.
(I'm cancelling all of my newspaper subscriptions.)

What are you afraid of? Does the widespread panic propagated by the media affect you?


  1. I think that you are afraid because your things are fine just now. Maybe you are afraid, that your " fine " will be taken away from you.
    You have done an awful lot of work to have the things you now have.
    You are also a sensitive person.
    If canceling the newspapers, or quit watching/listening to the news helps, fine. You do it.
    Maybe having started your work + the volunteer work has been a bit too much all of a sudden. Perhaps you could loosen up with the latter for some time, and concentrate on the things, that made you feel safe and calm in the past?
    As an answer to your question - no, those things don´t scare me.
    Some amount of fear is healthy, if it burdens you, you must do something about it. Hugs, Mette

    1. What can I say? Spot on, you're absolutely right about everything.
      As for the newspapers, to clarify: the current situation in Slovenia is being portrayed as the end of the World. Ever since the new government has taken over, there have been severe cutbacks in the public sector and next week the whole public sector has declared national strike! So everywhere I go, companies shutting down, people are scared and everything is so grim and hopeless. I miss that spark of hope and positive attitude.
      As for relaxing things, I do plan on watching a Poirot movie this weekend, he always makes me smile :-)

  2. A Poirot movie sounds like a great idea. He makes me smile too :).

    When the US economic crisis unfolded in 2007 I panicked along with everyone else. But you're right, there's only so much fear one can handle. After awhile I couldn't even think about it anymore. Like you, I stopped reading newspapers and listening to the news.

    1. It's so nice to hear from you :-)
      The weekened is rainy and gloomy here, I'm planning on having some nice cup of tea and a as already said a Poirot movie, complete with a blanket and sitting bag in front of the computer. Bliss...

  3. Yea, those things don't scare me. Perhaps because I'm still a student. However, I do fear about whether the path I've chosen for my future career is the right one. I try not to think about it and focus in the present!

    1. Amy, I felt the same way when choosing faculties. Looking back now, I can only say that these things progress organically and the shifts in perception and orientations are almost unnoticeable. I think in a couple of years, your career path will be much more evolved and from my experience college degree usually serves as a mere starting point (but that's something you already know!)

      Happy Sunday :-)

  4. Thought you were describing the UK,strikes threatening the railway,public sector marching with banners...on and on,the papers',pundits on tv spend hours discussing how bad everything is...blah,blah.

    No longer listen to the tv,and only take a Saturday paper.

    Did you enjoy the Poirot film? Ida

    1. ... on the other hand the shopping malls, restaurants and cafes continue to be full, people walking around with brand new iPads, dazzling cars, talking about extravagant vacations planned for May break... yes, it's bad!

      Poirot was fun, I watched The three act tragedy. I do miss Hastings and Miss Lemon in the latest films though :-(

      Happy week!