Monday, January 17, 2011

Falling off the face of the Earth for a year

No I haven't been in witness protection programme or had amnesia, the reason why my blog has been neglected for a year: We moved! Yet again, only this time we bought our own flat. And as happy as I was, when this actually happened, I was and am still very exhausted. This was our fourth move in eight years and I've had quite enough.
So the past year has been both exhilarating, sometimes scary, like signing a 30 year mortgage, wow it's a life time, but mostly exhausting.
Here are a few picture of the redecoration process:

Here is the kitchen, notice the little separating wall, we threw that one out.

dividing wall

Wall is out and we gained a lot more space.

no wall

This is our bedroom before we painted it, (ignore the shoe on the left!) yes we did everything ourselves: paint job, plumbing and fixtures.

more apple green

Another view of the bedroom, notice the terrible terrible colour choice: apple green and aubergine, yikes! Don't get me wrong I like those two shades, but not in such huge amounts and they definitely don't belong in a bedroom. That is a place that should invoke serenity and calm.

Hideous colours left by previous owners

We decided on a lovely shade of lavender. First of all much more bedroom appropriate and since the room is very bright the colour din't dull it. Yes that's me painting, not the most attractive photo of me, but we can't all look like supermodel when hard at work.

In the background you can see a little bit of our entrance room which was orange when we moved in and we decided to keep in orange but we went for a brighter and intenser shade.

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